Supreme Poultry Pvt. Ltd. began with an objective of become a leading manufacturer of high quality table eggs. This objective has turned into reality with the company now being a leading supplier and one of the largest exporters of table eggs.

The eggs are totally free from the antibiotics (banned) and pesticide residues making it pesticide and microbial free.

The shell quality is very strong accounting for very low wastage during transportation. The size of the egg is good, acceptable in the international market and the color of the yolk is dark yellow. The birds are also vaccinated as per the medical charts.

The company believes in building a long lasting business relationship with associates and customers in the market. We see to it that prices and margins are reasonable and competitive enough compared to the prevailing market conditions.

We believe in producing international standard poultry products. Constant upgradation and improvement of all quality systems are maintained to ensure high quality produce with timely delivery.

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